Terms & Conditions


To ensure your date is held a deposit of 50% of estimated quote is due upon booking your wedding floral. 



Payments can be made at any time from date of booking up until One month prior to wedding date, when full & final payment is required. Our preferred method for payment is by Direct Deposit, Cheque, Money Order Visa or Mastercard. 



We offer a complimentary 1 hour appointment, and a complementary estimated quote via mail. 


Order Confirmation

All orders must be confirmed via email no later than three months before your wedding date. We take no responsibility for any errors or omissions once you have confirmed your final order.



Delivery in Horseshoe Valley are in kind from Astilbe Floral Boutique.
All additional deliveries will be determined by milage to and from our studios.
Barrie     :    20.00 delivery charge
Toronto :    80.00 delivery charge
Orangeville: 60.00 delivery charge
Orillia       : 20.00 delivery charge
Muskoka  : 80.00 delivery charge


Non-refundable deposit paid on booking remains property of Astilbe. Cancellations within 1 month of wedding date remain payable in full. Bookings can be postponed to another date, subject to our availability. A minimum of 2 months notice is required. 


Without limiting the operation of the Terms and Conditions, Astilbe Floral Boutique will not be held liable for loss or damage arising from the exercising of these rights.



Your order, wedding date, contact details (address, phone, email), & credit card details will be treated with complete privacy. We will not speak with any media representative or release any information unless you give us consent to do so.

Kindest Regards, 

Astilbe Floral Boutique