Dressed up for the Holidays

During the Holidays we sometimes find ourselves wrapped up with a huge bow of stress around  this season. Out and about shopping, rushing around to find that perfect gift for the holidays. 

Have we forgotten the abundance of beauty that surrounds us everyday allowing us to fill our home with its beauty and inspiration. 

This year I have brougt on a whole new approach! 
Filling my home with the sweet smells of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon hot homeade cocoa on the stove and the sweet sounds of Bing Crosby on the recod player. 

I have dressed my house with evergreens, Birch wood and curly willow. 
It feels as if i have stepped into a winter wonderland an oasis of beauty. 

You too can transform your home into mother natures winter wonderland, or leave the creativity in our hands. 

Allow Astilbe Boutique to
We will dress your home up in style, 
Call to book a consultation as we can arrange to discuss your holiday wishes. 
Perhaps you're looking to have  your dinning room table dressed up for a victorian enchanted feast, and all that's up to you is awaiting the merrymaking eats. 

We would love to hear from you to discuss your wishes. 

Until then, 

Happy Holidays and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us everyday! 

Katelyn Collie 

Astilbe Boutique