Flowers & Falconry

Astilbe Floral Boutique would like to introduce our experienced team of Falconers and Birds of Prey to our Event Services!
January 2018 ! 

Director of Falconry ; Haleigh Hesse

Falconer demonstrations : Peggy Hesse

Event Co-ordinator : Katelyn Collie



Event Details
Classic, Unforgettable Moments
Astilbe  Flowers & Falconry

Imagine your beautiful wedding day with an unforgettable experience to entertain your guests.

Our professional team of Falconers, create a educational and most entertaining experience with our Birds of Prey.  With hands on encounters, and flight demonstrations, Our birds truly become a memorable part of your special day that will leave a picturesque memory for your guests! 




Book a complimentary consultation to visit our Birds of prey and their trainers today!

Meet our birds up close and experience the magic of falconry. 

To secure your event date with Astilbe we require a 50% deposit upon booking this will ensure your date is held. Remains balance due one month prior to event date. 



Booking Details

Weddings ; Capture a magical opportunity with our trained Falconers and birds of prey for your social day! 

*Minimum Booking 2 Hr and beyond

Inquire for a quote at 


Public Events : Minimum 2 hr and beyond
Showcasing our birds of prey and their trainers educational demonstrations and detailed orientation. 


Photography sessions : Have the opportunity to hold our birds of prey and photograph a unique and stunning memory to admire for years to come. 


To receive an estimate for our Birds of Prey Demonstrations please contact Katelyn Collie